Debi Smith Photography

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These two bulls were so involved in their sparring match they didn't realize they were being photographed. It is rare to come across two males involved in a battle.


This young bull moose was victorious in the battle and showed no interest in leaving his territory..



Have you had one of these days before?



Aroostook County is famous for it's vastness and the North Maine Woods. Not all wildlife is in the woods, this beautiful doe was in my back yard. Notice the moss on her nose, I had interupted her dinner.

This doe was very cooperative in posing for me on this bright early spring morning. She was one literally hundreds seen on this particular day. It was an exhilarating adventure to say the least.

Another accommodating deer early in the Spring morning.

This bull moose was a huge ole guy. He swam from across the lake and ate the entire way! He didn't come any closer but he was still at ease with my presence.

This older bull moose was still in velvet on this beautiful June day. He was coming up out of a pond in Baxter State Park and crossed the road right in front of me. His shoulder almost touched mine!! What an experience!

Another bull moose, this one eating mustard in an empty potato field. The Fall mid-day sun lit up his magnificent rack.

A real close-up of a young bull moose drinking. I have to admit, I have been very fortunate with my encounters and most of the animals show no sign of fear when I am taking their pictures. I am very glad.

Another moose picture and there is water! I seem to find most of my moose in or near the water. This young deer was not even a year old but was very curious as to who or what I might be. His doe mother was not too far away but he or she (who knows) was interested in what I was doing.


This chipmunk was enjoy a potato chip he had found in the parking lot.

This doe was caught off guard while she was eating from the bottom of a small pond. In the midst of summer, the deer's colors are at their peak and quite striking. Look closely at her nose and you can see she had been eating for some time.

A buck still shedding his winter coat was stopping for a drink while I was at Sandy Stream Pond in Baxter Park. It was still early and his rack was still in velvet. He must have been a fantastic buck once his rack grew and shed the velvet.

I took this giraffe picture while I was on vacation in Florida. I loved her long eye lashes and distinguishing marks. She was beautiful and I just like this shot. Naturally, not a Maine native.


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