Portland Head Light: Maine's oldest Light House and quite possibly the most visited, painted and photographed light house in the United States.
Whale watching is a popular thing to do along Coastal Maine.
You are almost always able to see a whale or two but you have to be very lucky to get this close.
Frenchman Bay off of Mt. Desert Island can be breathtakingly beautiful at sunset. The summer sun setting in this photo shows the variety of shadows that can be cast off of the water. The colors in the sky are equally varied. Frequent visitors to Bar Harbor, Maine, are often treated to this spectacular array of color at most any time of year.
Portland Breakwater (Bug) Light: The unusual design of the Portland Breakwater Light (also known as the Portland Bug Light) was created to resemble 4th century (B.C.) Greek monuments. Automated in 1934, it was first built in 1855 and rebuilt in 1875. In 1942 the light was put out and in 1989 the light was repaired and restored. It is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. This is just one of many of Maine's Light Houses that I have photographed.
Coastal Splash: The coast of Maine is known for its ruggedness and ever changing appearance. There are sandy beaches as well as rocky spots. The photo above was taken in Acadia National Park near Bass Harbor. Waves and surf can be mesmerizing and dangerous at times. I feel, Coastal Maine is the most beautiful during the summer months.
Storm Clouds Forming: I found this cloud formation to be so very unique. At the top, one could see the white puffy clouds normally associated with a sunny day and at the base of the cloud formation, I could see the rain falling. Just found this to be a cool shot.


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